The dormitory '4. Maj Kollegiet' in Horsens

'4. Maj Kollegiet' in Horsens is one of nine '4. Maj Kollegiet' in Denmark

The nine 4. Maj College in Denmark (Frederiksberg, Odense, Marstal, Horsens, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Tønder and Aabenraa) were partly built with support from the Freedom Foundation, who received donations from across the country, and partly to contributions collected locally in the areas where the dormitories were built .

They continue to receive financial support from various donations via the 'Council of 4. Maj Kollegiet', which helps to keep the rent to a minimum. 

The building and its arrangement

The building of 4. Maj Kollegiet in Horsens is Geneesgade No. 1.
Geneesgade is close to both VIA University College, Learnmark and Horsens center. Beside the dormitory, we have a park, where, in the summer period, people sunbathe and the city held smaller concerts with famous musicians.

The building is an older building with room for 40 students who each have their own room and kitchen cupboard and who share some other facilities. Including this, they have a new communal kitchen, where one can cooke his food alone or with others. At the ground floor, there is a laundry with two washers and a dryer, where one can wash their clothes for an amount equal to pay for the soap.

Some of the common rooms, decorated by the residents themselves, is arranged as a gym with various tools, a room with billiards and table football and a room with TV. Some of the things they use in furnishing is gifts, they receive so the rent can be kept low

The aim of 4. Maj Kollegium in Horsens

4. Maj Kollegiet must, as a 'living memorials', help to remind future generations, of a fight for freedom and the solidarity and sacrifice that was the basis for the Danish freedom fighters during the Second World War. At the same time they must point ahead to help the potential of the future generations.

The dormitories should be for young people, of both genders, who is enrolled in a higher education for at least 2 years, and not just for those who sought academic education.

The aims of all nine dormitories in 4. Maj Kollegiet, is to be a home for young people who, through a common life with friends from different places, can reach the community, which is a condition for the healthy development of democracy and mind broadness, like what the Danish freedom fighters fought for, in their struggle against the German occupation during the second World War until the fourth May 1945.

Expectations for candidates

The resident are expected to know about the aim and 4. Maj Kollegiet and to take active part in the community and through the development of democracy and mind broadness in the 4. Maj Kollegieum


Geneesgade 1, 8700 Horsens